Social Media Package FAQ's

What's a "Topic of My Choosing?"

We're here to create compelling copy tailored to your needs. It could be for a product launch, a giveaway, a sale, or any other event that'll engage and inspire your audience to take action.

Not quite certain what you're looking for?

No worries! Simply share your objectives with us and we'll collaborate with you to craft the perfect idea before we start working on your exceptional copy.

What's "Written in My Brands Voice?"

Infusing your brand with a unique voice is essential for standing out in the crowd. A distinctive voice adds character, making your brand unforgettable while transforming your sales efforts into a more appealing experience.

We'll work closely with you to create a voice that truly resonates with your brand.

What does a sales first focus mean?

Creating captivating copy and content goes beyond just sounding engaging – it's essential to incorporate sales psychology to effectively drive action towards a purchase.

After all, you're in business for a reason, right?

Ultimately, our primary objective is to boost your sales through exceptional writing. By delivering your message in an enjoyable and captivating manner, we not only inspire action but also keep your audience eagerly returning for more.

Will I really get unlimited revisions?

Indeed! If our initial attempt doesn't quite capture the voice or topic you envisioned, simply let us know before publishing.

We're committed to refining the content until it aligns with your vision perfectly. After all, your brand is an extension of yourself.

What about unlimited customer support?

As we work on creating your content and even after completion, please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have.

We're dedicated to providing timely customer service, with specific daily time slots allocated for responding to your emails. Rest assured, you won't be left waiting for weeks without a response—our commitment is to stay connected and available to you.

Is Priority Support different from regular customer support?

We ensure daily responses for both regular and priority customer support. However, with priority support, you'll benefit from receiving prompt attention to your inquiries. If you're entrusting us with a substantial amount of work, we take that to heart and express our gratitude by offering you expedited response times, ensuring your needs are addressed swiftly and efficiently.